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At the Logical Logistics Group, we give you marketing services that will always be a benefit to your company.

From website optimization to evergreen keyword rich landing page & blog content that gets you found in local search results. With LLG Marketing Services, your business gets better and being a member gets you even more benefits.

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How are You Attracting New
Customers & Clients?

The first step to attracting new customers & clients is a clean, easy to use and navigate website. While you may want things flashy, you want to build a solid foundation of SEO, landing page & content rich blogs that help your business move higher up into local, product and specific service rankings.

Website Design
Website Optimization

Website Design & Optimization

Many websites aesthetically are very accommodating for businesses but if you're in a situation where you have an unreliable website developer or have a website with custom code and you don't know where to begin, contact our marketing team to learn about your website options. From simple marketing funnel sites on Webflow & WordPress, to Shopify, Magento and Python, we have the website services & logistics systems you need to stay competitive.

Landing Pages & Online Presence

New businesses and ones without a large online presence can compete with larger companies for search views & potential visitors to their websites. Every new business owner is afraid of having their efforts fail and not using their money wisely to achieve specific marketing goals. Using a core approach with your unique needs in mind, we:

  1. Start with a complete website audit
  2. Prepare Recommendations to improve website structure
  3. Determine whether you want to redesign & optimize your current site or create a marketing funnel site.
  4. Create a marketing plan to optimize your online efforts to follow & build on to.
  5. Create a blog, video & social medial posting plan.
  6. Our marketing services can perform for or complement your current marketing team.
  7. Dream big, and dream big for you. With your membership, you get free marketing services and more to start you off with and if you want daily, weekly or monthly services, we're here to assist you.

Sometimes Simple is Effective
After Your Free Company & Marketing Review you'll receive your custom marketing Report
With further steps

10 +
Web Designers, SEO & 
Marketing Professionals

Visitors a month to websites to
various professional websites

Marketing Click Funnels

Daniel McMillan

When you have a website that you're not prepared financially to upgrade or you believe is too complex to change but you want to add to your online presence, one resource businesses turn to is a marketing click funnel website.

If a logistics company is looking for more traffic to their website organically, landing pages highlighting services will always win over on ads.

What is  a Marketing Click Funnel?

The easiest way to explain a marketing click funnel website is a website with a different domain than yours that is built as an independent or co-dependent site where you can create numerous landing pages and content quicker.

Personal & Marketing Websites
For more information on marketing click funnels & personal websites
Why Would a Second Website Be Needed?

It's our opinion you should have one website for your business but with many logistics & supply chain companies, business owners want to add on to what they have.

If you want an additional marketing asset to help drive local search traffic, contact the marketing team to learn more. We can help you establish and run your own additional site quickly & affordably.

Linking Back to Your Business

Regardless of the topic, blogs, podcasts & social media posts provide valuable link backs to your website that benefit your site & your business for years to come. Even if you have a personal, or other business your the owner of. we create the links that you need.

No, we don't mean ads, in fact we only recommend ads on a case by case basis and never use ads on anything but short-term and limited campaigns.

Having a blog and podcast on the other hand has an even greater benefit than any ad campaign ever could. If you're a member looking to start a blog, need content ideas, content written, assistance with podcast or producing your own videos, email our marketing staff .

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Submit Your Blog Posts, Free Article Submissions, Free Blog Article Submissions.

Marketing Services

You don't have to be a member that posts jobs to receive great marketing services at a fair price. We're dedicated to helping you take back control of your website & marketing activities while giving you a clear picture of what your web traffic is, what you're doing well on and what you're not.

If you have a marketing team and want an outside perspective of your website activities, we also do marketing consultant services to give your organization the best practices, simplicity & effectiveness it needs to keep your business growing.

Our Marketing Approach

Our marketing approach is an organic approach that blends fully optimized websites with the a useful, aesthetically pleasing design & UI with extensive, link building & social media campaigns and key-rich content that will help you move up in the search results quickly.

We never advocate ads or PPC campaigns but understand their temporary effectiveness.

We focus on an overall approach to marketing services that focuses on optimization, content & relevancy to help you dominate local search results and relevant business, content and product offerings.

We Make You Content With Your Content

From blog & podcast creation, guidance & distribution to evergreen keyword rich content for your website and landing pages, we ensure you're always content with your content.

Company Link Building & Listings

Links to your website are one of the most effective ways to boost your domain authority & rise in the search results quicker. By utilizing link building services that boost your authority in addition to our comprehensive marketing services, we provide you with all of the marketing tools you need, in plain language that give you results when you follow through with your marketing plan.

Logical Logistics Group Membership Pricing

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Free SEO Report
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2 additional High Quality Link Backs
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LLG Enterprise Plan
$1999/ Month
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Custom Online Marketing Plan
Monthly Social Media Posting Services*
Immediate Link Building Campaign to build your backlinks
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LLG corporate Plan
$999 / Month
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5+ Organic Link backs to your website
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Marketing Service Frequently Asked Questions
Any marketing service can tell you they can deliver results, most can, however many marketers use paid advertising as a crutch to poor technical and on page optimization that really helps businesses win the organic search war.

We deliver organic content for blogs, landing pages, social media & podcasts that help your website and your business add keywords and links which equate to clicks, clients & customers.
What types of Platforms are you familiar with?

Our web designers have experienced building and optimizing websites on all types of platforms including WordPress, Webflow, Weebly, Wix, Magento, Shopify, Python and other custom coded websites. Our goal is to make your website simpler to use for you and your marketing staff while ensuring it's optimized and your user interface is seamless.

As a member, DO Ihave to use Your Marketing Services?

If you already have an established marketing team, we're in no way trying to replace them. However, by being a member your team can utilize the free membership link building services we offer to help build on what your team has grown for you.

How Long Does it Take for A New Website to Get Traffic?

The traffic your new website gets when you publish for the first time is a direct reflection of the efforts put into it. It doesn't matter what type of services you offer or the business you do, you need landing pages that express every service, every offering, in every location you do business in, While there will always be competitors doing what you do, it's how you present your business online and off that makes the difference and brings you your first website visitors.

What Types of Websites Can you build & Optimize?

We have experienced with all platforms including WordPress, Wix, Webflow, Weebly, Magento, Salesforce and all other platforms that can help you create, change & modify your website to increase visitors which will translate to search results and more clients.

Tell me More About Marketing Click FUnnels

You have a website that you is really complex and are reluctance to work with their current designer. You buy a domain using similar words to the services you offer. We build you a site and continually build new service pages to that website while any visitors who visit the site are led to your main customer service number and email.

How long Does it Take to build A
marketing CLick FUnnel Website

For these types of websites, we keep annual costs down using the Webflow platform. Whether you need a professional business, personal or marketing click funnel website, Webflow gives you an affordable hosting solution that allows what you need to be built quickly.

On average, our team can complete the initial stages of a website build in 3 days and have the beginnings of it live within 48 hours.

How much does a marketing click funnel website cost

The Standard annual hosting cost is currently $192 dollars, the annual cost of your domain (typically around $12 dollars ) and the typical cost to initially build would be around $2o00 for your new website and the option for monthly services to build landing pages or show you or your marketing staff to use it. Whichever platform you have us build a website on, the site will always be yours, we don't play games over accessing your what's yours.

When did you start offering services?

We have had a robust internal network for years being an established member of the logistics & supply chain community for decades. We have built blogs, professional & supply chain service websites and see how many organizations have you pay for membership, but you don't get anything out of them other than a link back or the promise of referrals. We're moving forward to create an organization dedicated to serving the global community, our members and clients with the services they need while ensuring there's a benefit for everyone.

Can I Cancel At ANytime?

Definitely, if you choose to cancel, you get the free marketing tools & resources you've been given through your membership.

Identifying Incorrect Information About YOur Business Online

Whether you have a new business or have just taken ownership of a new one, you need potential customers and clients who see your business information online see the correct information. If you have broken links, old phone numbers and email addresses that don't lead anywhere or even old logos and branding you don't use anymore still online, it has an effect on the image of your brand. We find all of your business information online and ensure it's correct to further help your domain authority.

What Marketing Services do I get for My Membership?

Right from the start we begin the link building process for your company. We give you link backs to your company from several high ranking sites we work with and then begin the backlink process to help boost up your sites domain authority.

What is a Company Online Presence Report

An online company presence report is different from an SEO Report in that it goes over all of your online efforts from an outside perspective. This includes previous & current social media and blog posts, podcasts and all other vectors your business is using to see how your past efforts have led to where you are and what your future results can look like with additional recommendations from our marketing team.

How long Does it Take to Link Build?

Link Building is an ongoing process with literally no end. However as you build and launch a site for the first time, initial links are easy. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & many other social media sites give you nice and easy links to help you with the first part of establishing domain authority.

What is a SEO Report?

A SEO report is complete internal & external evaluation of your website.  From proper site architecture including proper H & title tags to the full utilization of title, meta and alt tags is addressed in these reports. We break down what your business is doing right, wrong, critical errors we see as well as quick & long-term recommendations to help you max your website better, faster.

What is Domain AUthority?

In simpler terms, domain authority is how trustful, resourceful or useful your site is seen to search engines. While there is much more behind this, your websites' online & social media presence as well as the links to your site play a dramatic role in establishing domain authority which in turn, helps your website landing pages move higher in the rankings.

What types of Seo Services do you offer?

We offer content creation services for websites that included optimization, landing page creation, blog writing and proper structuring of your website to ensure your site & your business is build for success.

Can I Cancel at any time?

Absolutely! Rather than relying on annual memberships, we offer flexible monthly membership plans that allow you to start & cancel memberships at any time.

After I sign up, How long will it take to receive my first SEO Report?

Once you sign up for our Company or Enterprise Plan, you will receive your first report within 72 hours outlining what your website is doing right, issues that need to be addressed as well as recommendations to enhance your site & web presence.

What types of referrals do you offer

Our site and our partners span different industries around the globe and frequently need a variety of additional services to meet their growing demands. These could include air, sea, road & rail freight shipping, forwarding, expediting and import and export services. Additionally, the need for warehouse, distribution and manufacturing services are often needed quickly in some instances. While we can't anticipate future needs, we need additional partners who have the capacity to fulfill services as they arise.

Search Engine Optimization

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Landing Page Content

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Blog, Video & Podcasts

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Link Building & Online Presence

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Social Media

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