Apples to Apples

Doing it Better for Your Customer

In this episode of Logical Logistics, we interview former Tennis player Charles Rick about solving shipping and packaging problems using green and eco-friendly packaging solutions and win in pricing when you're doing apples for apples. Charles also talks about his new products that deter pilfering.

Selling Services to New Customers

In sales, 99% of the time you're selling a product or services that a business already has. When you know you have a superior product and can provide it for a better cost than your competitors, you'll have an easy pathway to a potential sale.

Often when you're selling, you're selling apples to apples, or a somewhat similar product, however you may find yourself comparing apples to oranges, your primary focus in contract proposals and price matching should not only meet what your potential customer has, but exceed it in overall value.

Learning the Needs of Your Customers

The devil is in the details, which when marketed and sold correctly, will win you more bids and contract proposals.

There are some salesman that have no problem walking into or cold calling prospective business owners and professionals looking to sell their services to. However, taking the time to learn and understand more about each potential prospective customer goes a long way to coming closer to a sale or vendor contract.

Providing Value

It goes without saying that you want to provide value to your customers. But do they feel valued? It's one thing to serve your customers, but do you ensure they're satisfied and would be willing to refer other prospective customers to you? These are questions and professional, from sales, to business owners that they should continually be asking themselves. This is another one of the biggest potential areas for repeat and referral driven income as a reward for those efforts.

About M&G Packaging

M&G Packaging Corp. has been serving the airline and cargo industries for more than 60 years. We have 54 warehouses locations in the US, seven locations in Mexico, and four in Canada. Our clientele includes the majority of airlines, freight forwarders, and couriers in the US and abroad. Additionally, we are the only plastics manufacturer focusing in the airline cargo industry.

Our dedicated team of professionals solve any shipping or packaging problem and offer cost saving options tailored for you. We are also very proud of all our green, eco-friendly plastic and shipping supplies for green corporate initiatives. Our eco-friendly products accomplish the unique goals of corporate social responsibility while adding to your bottom line.

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