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Sustainability Benefits Businesses An Customers

All around the world, technology is advancing at a rapid rate.  As sustainability is becoming a prominent issue, much of this new logistics technology is aiming towards creating a green sustainable future for the logistics industry.  Experts from the International Chamber of Shipping and the International Maritime Organization agree that global logistics account for 3% of global carbon emissions. 

That may not seem like much, but it makes the carbon output of the industry equal to that of many entire first world countries such as Germany. 

Topics in this article will include an explanation of sustainability, the factors increasing the need for sustainability, examples of smart technology in logistics, and what the future can hold for a sustainable future for the industry.

Sustainable logistics for businesses

Topics in this article will include an explanation of sustainability, the factors increasing the need for sustainability, examples of smart technology in logistics, and what the future can hold for a sustainable future for the industry.

What is Sustainable Shipping?

Sustainability, or green technology, does not just include electric cars.  Green shipping is the goal of incorporating environmental responsibility into the shipping and logistics industry.  This involves reducing carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency, and limiting the environmental impact of transportation. 

The logistics industry has a noteworthy impact on the environment, from the ocean waters to the air above us.  Technology has been rapidly advancing to address these issues and create a more safe and sustainable logistics industry as we enter the future.

Why is Sustainability Important?

The logistics industry is growing quickly.  The Department of Transportation predicts freight volume in the US to increase by 40% in the next 30 years.  Cities are also expected to grow up to three times their size in the next 30 years, increasing the need for safe and efficient transportation of goods. 

With the industry creating significant amounts of environmental impact and growth inevitable, now is the time to address the changes needed to assure that the future of the industry is both safe and self-regulated. 

Addressing sustainability in logistics now will assure that businesses are ready for the coming change and reassures consumers and clients that they are working with safe and modern companies.  

What is Sustainable Technology?

Technology is everywhere in our lives, personally and professionally.  From the cell phone in your pocket to the mass communication systems that connect companies around the world.  This technology can also be used to prepare logistics companies for the sustainable future. 

Examples of this include sensors in roads, vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology to alert logistics drivers of traffic and weather, and more sustainable fuel options that emit less carbon into the environment.  New technology includes wind energy and biofuel that limit the use of oil and the release of carbon. This new technology is developing every day, especially as big developers begin to see the “green” in green technology.

What is the Future of Sustainability in Logistics

The future of technology has also brought many things once deemed imaginary into reality, including autonomous vehicles and electric trucks and cars.  As big tech and the government begin to develop towards suitable technology, the logistics industry has a golden opportunity to get ahead of the change and be groundbreakers in modern technology. 

As future tech such as autonomous vehicles and sorting machines develop, the industry will need to develop its technology, culture, and practices around these changes.  The world will always need logistics, and as the future comes for us, now is a chance for logistics to do good for the world.

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