Cargo and Shipping Insurance Needs For Small Businesses

High & Low Volume Shipping Insurance

While many vendors consider themselves small, they still may move thousands of products or shipments a day. Many businesses underestimate their need for adequate protection of their freight and cargo and if you encounter an unexpected loss on one large shipment, your business may face a large, unexpected financial expenses in an instant.

Creating New Products

Getting the raw materials to create new products then package and ship them all from one place has never been easier than before. When small businesses expand their operations, small business owners still see themselves as small, while they are consistently growing and with it new demands.

Considering the Level of Reliability

When choosing 3PL, manufacturing and distribution logistics services, small businesses put their trust in another company to effectively create, package and ship their products to their customers, many times all inone location. This is great for keeping costs down by being localized in one area but when happens when you have hurricanes, earthquakes or other hazards that though don't happen all the time, they can have a big impact on your operations.

All in One Location Solutions?

Establishing third party logistics with a company that can be a one-stop shop can mean big financial savings for any business but not all businesses weigh many other factors. Weather and natural disasters like we mentioned are certainly one of many consequences of keeping your operations in one location. The safety and reliability of your supply chain must have a reliable partner that maintains your supply chain through all variables.

In this episode of Logical Logistics, e interview Dave Pasko and Tom Moran from Roanoke Trade and with our guests we discuss cargo and shipping insurance and things that levels of insurance to expect when shipping both high and low volumes of freight.

Having the best logistics partner to fulfill your logistics, manufacturing and shipping needs is paramount to the success of your business. Get a reliable partner that can help your business scale operations to meet customer and business demands anywhere contact us for a free logistics, freight or shipping quote.

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