Centralized Buying and Remote Distribution

Developing a User Friendly Interface

In this episode of Logical Logistics, Bob Kenehan from DBP Chicago joins host Joe Becht to talk about the switch to online business our business model used to be through phones or face to face, now clients have a personalized online area on their website so they get a centralized buying experience.

Having a user friendly experience on any website is a necessity but when it comes to a logistics website where hundreds to thousands of orders are tracked by customers isn't the easiest feat. Combining usability shouldn't limit the customer experience on any website. Even if the site's function is to display data, that data needs to be A. Readily found, and B. Simple to understand. These are the 2 biggest rules developers often ignore when building any website.

The Value of Your Website

Online marketplaces and company websites serve as the virtual portal into the company and just as you want your storefront cleaned and well maintained for walk in customers, your online store needs to be inviting, user friendly and feature the best parts of your business.

What Your Website Needs

99% of all websites have a few things in common. A home page, an about us page, a schedule a consultation page and a service page. These are the basic pages for any business however, connecting those pages to form a cohesive picture of your company, what it does, how you do it, and how you do it better than your competitors to potential customers is the key that every business owner needs. Keeping a cohesive User Interface that brings your message and what you do, (even if you have a crochet blog) to users helps you stand out from the businesses that pay for their ad placements on search engines.

The Customer Experience

Login and personalized user portals are a great way for users to develop familiarity and further customization potential paves the way for continued use of your online services/interfaces and potentially earning more customers through referrals.

Having a happy customer means, having a repeat customer. As you build your website, you'll have trials and errors determining what works best for you and the users on your site. If you're developing the site and content yourself, always use your website like a user would, clicking on links, checking, rechecking what you've put into your site that others see.

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Logical Logistics is powered by Bellair Expediting.

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