Don't Be a Job Zombie

Don't Get Stuck on Autopilot

Often times it's easy for people to fall into complacency where they work. Often times it's because of money, stability or even the apprehension of looking for another job that could suit you better elsewhere. This results on becoming a 'job zombie' which sees you doing your job, but often times working on autopilot and while you may do your job effectively, you work to maintain the status quo rather than work to move ahead whether personally, professionally or for your company,

It's often the fears above that prevent people from taking an active chance to follow their dreams to start their own business and create a new environment for themselves. People often see noting but roadblocks to going out of their own either from stories they've heard from people in the industry, friends or even family. Although it's true that starting out on a new professional journey is difficult. The rewards are much greater for not only income, but your mental health.

Finding Something You Love

While we don't recommend walking out on your current job You need to begin outlining what you like to do, where your passion lies and what you can do better than someone else can. This can all start from a hobby, past-time, or even your skill sets. Often times people working in certain professions often think to themselves at their own jobs, 'I can do this better' than the company they work at. This is one of the biggest factors that gets people motivated to taking charge of the skills they have and apply them to becoming their own boss.

Going out on your own takes patience, planning and preparation. Jumping right in to something without considering the consequences can lead to getting in over your head or promising too many things to too many people at once and that can leads to you struggling to keep your head above water and an even greater potential to getting burnt out and souring what you once loved.

Find a Professional Balance

While planning and preparing for your professional moves, make a plan. Start with a list of pros and cons that you will encounter and then when you create that list, look online for information regarding that industry and what potential problems business owners in those areas face to help round out your list. Once you create this, you need to develop an outline the best way to begin your entrepreneurship journey. Often times this takes the form of taking the necessary steps to develop your own business in your free time and it's recommended that you maintain your current profession while working on your professional plan.

Getting out of 'zombie mode' is definitely tough but it's necessary especially when you find yourself in a professionally stagnant place where the only way out is to identify what's happening and taking charge of your personal development.

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