How to Ship a Package

Getting your package where it needs to be

Nearly everyone at some point in their life will need to ship something to another person.  Whether sending out payment for a bill, a postcard, gifts to friends or as a business owner or seller on Ebay, goods and products to their customers.

If you have heavy or cumbersome packages that you need to ship, it may be easiest to ship these from home using a broad shipping company such as USPS, or UPS, however these methods of shipping can sometimes be unreliable and leave you package susceptible to damage or not getting their at all.  For more information on Bellair Shipping services you can contact us here.

Choosing the best container or box for your item.

Your box or padded envelope should match as close as possible to what you’re sending. It shouldn’t be not be too big, but have enough room for padding on all sides. There are many different options for padding.  More common materials for padding include bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, newspaper and bubble ’bumpers”. Padded envelopes are a great choice for shipping some items, but the more fragile an item is, you'll want to go with a box with proper cushioning to prevent any damage.

  • If you don’t have a box, besides purchasing one, grocery stores often have extra boxes available that you can ask an employee for.  For smaller items, old shoe boxes, trading card boxes, and other former product containers can be used.  If you use an old product box that is a color other than white or brown, the best practice is to use white printer paper to wrap your box all the way around after you have the product inside, along with padding and invoice.
  • Creating your own box out of existing materials not only gives you the right size and fit for what you're sending but also reduces potential waste and is more environmentally friendly.

Calculate Shipping Costs

Bellair provides quick payment and albel options for individuals and small scale sellers. For larger businesses, corporations and companys who ship freight, we have a world-wide shipping and logistics network in place that will get what you need where you need it, when you need it.

Sealing Your Box or Envelope

Packing tape is the most preferable method to securing your envelope or box but other methods such as permanent bands, work as well. Too much tape is better than too little.

  • If reused boxes are reused, you may want more stability. Secure all the edges and seams of the box to prevent it from breaking or splashing during shipping.

Attaching Your Label

  • Attach your label to your package with clear shipping tape to ensure that your label is not only attached, but that the tracking and bar odes are easily readable. Since your label is made out of paper, you'll want to ensure that notihing happens to the label to prevent not seeing the relevant information.

Planning your Pickup.

Get your package picked up as quickly as possible. Request a pickup of your package to get it along the way. Bellair has expedient options to get your packages moving and where they need to be quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for more information.

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